Leather baby! ;)

So, we had this short activity where everyone’s supposed to answer this question: “If you’re a fabric, what kind are you and why?”.

At first I was like, "woah, wait. lemme think about that."

'Cause seriously, when somebody wants to get to know someone, I don't think this the question they're going to be asking. Otherwise, they might end up not taking you seriously. (but really…next time we had a sort of getting-to-know thing in class or somewhere, i might actually ask them this question. you know, whether they think you're serious with your question or you're just kidding, it'll still be a good ice breaker! HEHE)

…Then, it got me thinking…"okay. chill. so how do your friends usually describe your personality…." ——————okay. check.——————-

Next, what are the different kinds of fabric?! Honestly, I don’t know much about fabrics and texture. "Cotton, silk, leather, wool, etc… what kind of a fabric am I?!" ——————okay.——————-

I think I’m a leather. Why?

  • A leather is durable. = I don’t give up. I hate giving up.
  • It’s very usable. = Ha! Nope, I don’t let people use me. But as my close friends say, they can really depend on me even on simple things like keeping a secret, being their source for advice on whatever stuff, etc. 
  • Leather’s everywhere. Furniture, clothing, car seats and other things you won’t expect to be made from leather. :) = Well, my best buddies always tell me I’m someone whom you won’t expect to be doing some kind of stuff. :P

It was a short activity but I liked it. Aside from hearing all sorts of textures and fabrics, I was able to learn more about my classmates’ personalities. It was a vey interesting activity. :)

-ALYSSA (Aug 17/Aug 19)


This time we get the opportunity to be A TEACHER! J That is one really good thing here in UP, we get the chance to be trained to do many different things, so in CT 11 as teachers we should be able to show our classmates ways and important techniques that we can use in doing clothes and other things.


                Our group was the first one to hold the reporting and the workshop so the pressure was actually on us. Anyways, that pressure really did not stop us from doing our best to really show our classmates on how to crochet. Crochet is a traditional art that has been forgotten by some people in this new generation but through our workshop it really helped us to know something that we can still use in many different ways.

WORKSHOP 2: Manipulation

WORKSHOP 3: Surface Design

WORKSHOP 4: Alteration

                Through this workshops activities I was able to use my talents and skills. I was able to apply my technical skills especially in hand sewing and other things. I also learned that being a teacher is not really easy; you have to be patient and really understanding. As a learner, I as well, realized that it was always a challenge to learn new things because it always depends on what you would do with this knowledge being imparted to you. For me, I am not going waste what I have learned instead I will use it for good. :0 Lastly, the BEST LESSON I would carry on from this 2 weeks workshop is to “always give your best in everything you do”.

Weekly Reflection by:

Shyn Marie Ebol

Week 16 October 4-12,2011


Wow! Time flies so fast, really fast. I mean it is quite weird that when it seems like you love what you are doing time runs really quick. (Sighs) Anyways, the real reason why I am being melancholic out of the blue it is because it is our last week of lecture days. For the last week we learned how to do Wardrobe Planning plus clustering! We learned how to manage our clothes well. I found this lecture really helpful and interesting. I mean I should honestly say that I do have serious problems with my wardrobe I know I have gaps to fill and I have clothes to let go but I just don’t know where to start. But because of this lesson, I might really start doing it as soon as possible. J I realize clothes are like any other things too it needs care and love but of course it is for our own benefit since we are actually the ones who use it. ;) So guys get some of these tips and start cleaning up your wardrobe!

  1. First things first, OPEN your CLOSET!
  2. Now, take your clothes out of your closet.
  3. Then, start arranging it to your ADORED pile, SO-SO Pile and DISCARD.
  4. Arrange your ADORED pile according to your own choice; it could be according to colour range, style/type, from casual to formal, etc. It actually depends on your own preference.
  5. For your SO-SO pile think of ways to make it usable, you can alter it or have it repaired.
  6. For the DISCARD pile, think of ways on what you want to do with it; you can give it as donations or give it to your family and even sell it during a rummage or garage sale.
  7. Lastly, you have to maintain its orderliness.

I hope this simply tips will help you a better wardrobe! 

Well, check this wardrobe to be enlightened! The organized the better! <3

Weekly Reflection by:

Shyn Marie Ebol

Week 15 September 26-30,2011

Work for more!

I guess this week was more relaxed. ;) So, on Wednesday we had our mini Fashion Show to showcase what we have bought from our UKAY Challenge. It was great because we get to apply our make-up skills eventually. It was really fun because I get the chance to see what my classmates were able to buy during the challenge. And I was truly amazed since all of us actually did our best in showing off what outfits we have created. I get to know how each and every one of us has our own aesthetic preference yet we share one passion. ;)

                This week as well, we get the chance to discover more about ourselves and we get the chance to know more about our self, physically and psychologically. And that is through our Clothing Workbook were we get the chance to know about how our environment and some other things influenced our aesthetic preference on clothes. We also get the chance to learn well on how to discover our physical characteristics and body.

                Through the clothing workbook I was able to realize that whatever things that you have especially in your body you have to learn to appreciate it and love it. Since al of us have our unique physical self. J

so better work it out guys! :D

Weekly Reflection by:

Shyn Marie Ebol

Week 14 September 19-23, 2011

More Awesome-NESS!! :D

If last week was fun well this week was even more fun, guess why?? WE DID MAKE-UP! Oooh-lala! We had a lecture and of course a demonstration plus a hands-on activity. It was over fun and very enjoyable but the learning experience was really extraordinary! I get the chance to learn that applying make-up does not only need enough skills but it also requires passion and dedication. Through this lecture I get to learn that making someone really beautiful is not enough for applying make-up, you have to learn what the suitable make-up is and colour palette to be applied for the person to make her look more gorgeous and perfect. The activity was really brainstorming and challenging but I am truly happy that I am enjoying while I am learning.

                But, but, but… This week is not yet over! We had our UKAY CHALLENGE! ANONAS here we come!! Hahaha. From the title of the activity, yes indeed it was challenging. We have only 500php in our pocket plus 2 hours to find the clothes and particular pieces that we need to complete the look that were assigned to us. Men! It was hard. But it was super FUN! J Everything that we did was really thrilling though we were on our own it feels like we already know what we are doing. It was an activity that really thought us how to handle things by ourselves and our own instincts.

                All in all, this week’s lessons taught me how to be careful, patient, considerate and passionate. I will always bring these lessons in my life. ;)

Weekly Reflection by:

Shyn Marie Ebol

Week 13 September 12-16, 2011

Colors in Different Cultures

Our group was assigned to report on Color Effects and Meanings. Since there are LOTS of colors, we decided to just report on the Primary(Red/Yellow/Blue), Secondary(Orange/Violet/Green) and Neutral(White/Gray/Black) colors. 

For me, our topic was very interesting because we get to learn about the meanings of colors; not only their common meanings (like red represents love, yellow for hope, blue for freedom etc.) but also their meaning in different cultures.

Some examples…

In Greece, the color Blue is believed to ward off the evil eye. Those who believe in this superstition often wear a blue charm necklace or blue bracelet (like the one above) for protection.

The Queen wearing purple.

Michelle Obama, the United States’ first lady, in purple.

The color violet symbolizes richness, royalty, aristocracy and ambition. Before, only the royal family is allowed to wear the color violet.

In rural areas of Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece, widows will wear black for the rest of their lives while the immediate family members of the deceased will wear black for an extended period of time.

Now these are just some examples. We all need to understand that in every culture, every color’s meanings differ and we need to respect that. Like in Egypt, their color for mourning is yellow while in Mexico the color for mourning is blue. Although yellow is common perceived as a bright and fun color, we have to keep in mind that it is not always the case. The same thing with the color blue, it doesn’t always symbolizes freedom and peace. For some people, it has a whole different meaning. 

-ALYSSA (Aug 10/Aug 12)

The Human Body

It’s SEPTEMBER… ber months.. Ooohh! Christmas Time! But not vacation time and so classes are still going on but only 2 more months. Yeah!

Oh well, another week to learn new great stuffs. Indeed, CT 11 once again amazed me.. :) This week was very fun and exciting. Guess what? We are finally studying the human anatomy! …. (kidding) It is somehow related to that but of course it is so much related to clothing!! :)

We discussed this week about clothing needs from different body shape


face shape

skin color

etc. Those are important factors that we have to know about the body before we could create clothes. Of course as future designers we have to understand things about ones physical self to be able to find accurate and proper dresses for them.

I truly found this lesson very helpful and and interesting, of course ENJOYABLE! :) Because of this discussion I realized and were able to reflect that every step of creating wonderful pieces of clothes there are many things that we CT students have to go through. So that, soon it will be a lot easier for us to style and design. And this lesson did a super duper great KNOWLEDGE! :)

Weekly Reflection by:

Shyn Marie Ebol

Week 12 Sept.5-Sept.9

Critical! XD

Whew! Very tiring. I am not quite sure if this is HELL week but I think not yet. :} Oh well, this week we had this FASHION POLICE edition! :)

LADDDIIIIEEEESSS! :)  I have to say that “TAG LINE” for our mini segment in class. But it actually left a mark. lol. Anyways, CT does not just help us learn about making clothes and other stuffs but it also allows us to think CRITICALLY! Yes, everyone,n we also learned how to analyze looks and clothes, or what we call CRITIQUE! I have learned that in fashion world you must be equipped not only with talents and creative ideas but also smart ideas to be able to observe and evaluate fashion. 

Through this activity I was able to realize that fashion world is ain’t about fancy clothes but also there exist critical analysis to achieve beauty and success. :) 

SO come on, LADIES! :)

Here’s a link to a video of an episode of the Fashion Police, that’s what we uhm did. :D


Weekly Reflection by: 

Shyn Marie Ebol

Week 11 August29 - Sept. 2

Allow me to Dong Bang your Shin Ki.: Mustache Trolling day at the mall with my high school ~bestrfriend~


So anyway, this is me and Erika. ^^ I’ve known her for years now and she’s going to be off to Japan for her Junior Term Abroad.  Haha. Today, we decided to draw mustaches on our faces with my liquid eyeliner. We trolled around the mall.

And we shall seduce you with our sexy mustaches! >D

We literally trolled around and kept taking random pictures, here’s one of us with the bag lady. And yep, she’s dressed as Naruto. The mall had this thing going on where they have themes and the staff dress up with weird stuff. Lol.

Anyhoo, heads kept turning to us as we walked around. YEP. We made head turns like the celebrities we are. LOLOL.

Aside from the fake sense of attractiveness we felt. It was quite amusing to see the reaction of the people.

Some went:

While some went:

But there were some who judged us pretty hard.  Like:

We dun curr tho. And we were like:

  • There was actually this up tight family who kept looking during dinner. The dad didn’t seem to approve of our mustaches. But we just went on by flaunting our mustaches and inner crey crey. And We, well I, spazzed over Yaoi. We were laughing out loud with our “UKE UKE UKE UKE UKE UNF” chant (you wouldn’t want to hear it. Lmao).

Anyhoo. IT WAS DARN FUN. I missed doing all these crazy stuff with her. :D

And here are some shameless photos of us:

And finally we invite you to~

And no. We are not drugged nor drunk, this is simply how we roll. 8D

This is from my own blog, and I just thought I should share it here too. I found it really interesting how people acted towards us, all just because of one simple change, just one simple mustaches.

I realized how big the impact of clothing and appearances could be. It just goes to show how important clothing is to all of us, and ho one little alteration could change everything.

All my Passions in One!

Show and Tell

I was really glad I got to share my passions to the class. Also, I’m glad that I showed something new to everyone. My world of fangirling surely does have a lot of secrets! Haha!

It’s wonderful how my two worlds, of Fashion and Kpop coincide. To be honest. Korean and Japanese fashion is what got me into fashion in the first place, so I’m really glad, that up to now their influence is still a big part of me.

I’m really glad I had done my report, although there was a lot of things I had to improve on! *cough*not-fangirling-to-much-on-the-boys*cough.

I think I’ve covered most of the things on my show and tell, but here are just some pictures from my blog: